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Sue Eeles – artist, maker, musician

Commissions accepted- see below.

​Sue has recently been very busy making commissions for a number of clients, and selling both nationally and internationally. Please feel free to contact her by e-mail – see contact page.

I was born and brought up in Devon and for as long as I can remember, I have always loved being creative. I have been drawn to many different disciplines over the years and am always keen to play around with new techniques and try new skills.

Having completed a busy full-time working life in teaching and education, I am now enjoying the opportunity to return to what I like best – making art and being creative (and usually leaving a trail of mess along the way!)

I am continually inspired by the beauty of Devon nature: coastal cliffs and rock formations; pebble ridge views; country hedgerows and dry stone walls; lichen, moss, decay. I’m currently working on creating stitched, often abstract art using a variety of threads on needlepoint canvas; also layered images using dyes, inks and drawing materials on card and fabric, with further details added through hand and machine stitching. My aim is to give a sense of the colours and textures of the natural world around us, which we all too often rush past without truly noticing.


I am very willing to take commissions for much of the work I undertake.

Prices are dependent on time and material costs and vary considerably!

Please be in contact if anything seems to fit a purpose, be it gifts for birthdays, Christmas or oneself.

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